Guide your customers through the easiest data onboardingimaginable.

With workspaces, you can share a single source of truth and get customers to value, faster.

Examples of Flatfile's interface showing 
                    collaborative data onboarding
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How it works

Accept customer files in minutes without a line of code.

Examples of Flatfile's interface showing 
                collaborative data onboardingExample of Flatfile's interface showing 
                collaborative data onboarding
  1. 1Create a template
    Tell Flatfile how your system expects the data. Our UI-based data model configuration makes it super easy.
  2. 2Invite your customer
    Your customer will enter a secure, authenticated workspace where they can upload one or more files.
  3. 3Validate
    With a shared view of all data imports, data can be validated and approved painlessly.
  4. 4Export
    Download the resulting data set or have it sent automatically to your system.

Case Study

Peoplelogic uses Flatfile to cut customer data onboarding time by 83%

Peoplelogic, a people Intelligence platform, wanted a better (and faster!) customer onboarding solution.

Flatfile Logo+PeopleLogic Logo
  • Problem
  • Peoplelogic needed to streamline customer data onboarding without building a bespoke solution in-house.
  • Solution
  • With Flatfile, Peoplelogic significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to onboard a new customer from 3 hours to 30 minutes. Peoplelogic's customers now achieve the full value of their insights platform almost immediately - no onboarding bottlenecks here.

Why Flatfile

Spend less time manually fixing and updating customer data while your customers achieve faster time to value.

Simplify data operations

Dazzle your customers with an exceptional first impression

Invite your customer to a Flatfiled-hosted workspace. Each workspace provides one source of truth for data gathering, normalizing and validation during customer onboarding.


Customer receives an invite.

After your secure client workspace is setup, your customer will be invited to upload data via Flatfile. The same workspace can be shared with other stakeholders at your customer's business.

Flatfile importer inviting user to workspace

Upload a file.

Customer will choose a file to upload to Royal Labs (via Flatfile). By matching the look and feel of your brand, your customers know they're in the right place.

Flatfile importer asking the user to upload a file

Review and finalize.

With unique data validation features like Data Hooks®, Flatfile guides your customer through any necessary changes to ensure imported data is clean, accurate, and ready to use.

Flatfile importer on the review step

That's a wrap!

Imported data is instantly transformed. Data onboarding is now complete for your customer.

File finished uploading to a server

Fewer spreadsheets,

happier customers.